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When the time comes to look for a new or second hand car, the first place most buyers search is the same place they go for everything else – they look online. The car sales business has always been a highly competitive marketplace, and in the digital age, automotive SEO is crucial if you want to get your car dealership noticed and the cars off your forecourt and into the hands of proud new owners.

Car buyers making online decisions

Research by Google showed that the average car buyer only visits two dealerships in the car buying process. Yet the same research also showed that many of them start out without even knowing what sort of car they are going to buy.

This represents both an opportunity and a threat for a new or second hand car dealer. On the one hand, those buyers are entering the market with an open mind. They are ready to be persuaded that the car on your forecourt is the one for them. However, it also means that if your car dealer SEO is not up to scratch, they will never even be aware of your existence.

What does auto dealer SEO involve?

The car sales business is complex and multi-faceted. To deliver the most effective automotive SEO services, we first need to have a clear understanding of your business. You might sell new cars, used cars or a combination of the two. Then there are the specialists, such as classic, luxury or sports car dealers.

Understanding your business is the first step towards the golden rule of SEO and that is understanding your customers. These are the people your site needs to appeal to and these are the people it will be aimed at. It sounds obvious, but it is easy for a business’s website to become almost a “vanity project” aimed at the business itself instead of the people it is looking to serve.

The point is that Google and other search engines always view a site from the perspective of the visitor, so to deliver effective auto trader SEO, we must do the same thing. We ensure the site is easy to navigate, is user friendly and will make visitors want to stay around to find out more about your business and the cars you currently have in stock.

Fresh, relevant content

Providing up to date images and information regarding the latest vehicles you have available is, of course, important. However, to rank well on Google, your site needs to be more than a list of cars for sale. We will help you demonstrate that you are an authority in the automotive industry by providing regular fresh content for your blog or news page that covers the trending topics in the industry.

This might include news on new car releases, discussions on new technology, changes in regulation or interesting guides and tips on road trips, car maintenance, winter maintenance and so on. Search engines like nothing more than fresh content being added regularly, and we have a team of professional writers who have a genuine interest in the automotive industry.

Keep your site in the fast lane

The car sales business is as competitive as it has always been. Our automotive SEO services will help you stay ahead of the pack and push your business up the search engine rankings. Why not give us a call on 01245 477449 or email us here to find out more?