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What Does Legal SEO Involve?

As a law firm, you will know that reputation is everything. That’s why in the online age, the right approach to SEO for legal firms needs to be such a pivotal component of your overall marketing strategy.

Whatever product or service people are looking for, the first place they tend to look these days is on Google or a similar search engine. That is true for lawyers as much as any other industry. However, one thing that is different about law firm marketing compared with other service sectors is that when you deliver a good service, clients tend to be extremely loyal. They will also be eager to recommend your services to others.

Growing Competition In The Legal Market

This is the age of the entrepreneur, and in the legal sector in particular, there is a growing trend towards solicitors cutting ties with the big firms and going it alone. As the sector has grown over recent years, so has the competition, making law firm SEO all the more important to help your legal business stand out from the rest.

What can our SEO methods do for you?

All is clear so far, but you are probably wondering what we can do to help you boost the SEO for your law firm. Here’s the thing – performing effective SEO for lawyers depends on a whole range of tools and techniques, and on drawing them together into an effective strategy. Let’s run through some of the basics:

  • Web Design – everything begins with the overall design of your site. It needs to be on-brand, professional, welcoming, easy to navigate, and optimised for mobile visitors in order to attract customers and to rank well on Google. We have experts in web design for law companies who can offer anything from a few tweaks to a complete redesign.
  • Keyword Research – the basic building block of SEO is to use the most appropriate keywords to attract searchers. Getting the right keywords in the right places is one of the most important ways to improve Google search ranking for family lawyers.
  • Content Creation – there is a saying in SEO circles that Content in King. Whatever else you do with your site, keeping it packed with fresh, unique, and interesting content is the best way to get traffic and improve SEO. Our legal blog copywriters will be happy to create professional articles on the hot topics of the day.
  • PPC StrategiesPay per click is a great way to get quick results and it can be a good idea to blend it with organic SEO strategies. Areas, where new customers are likely to be searching, are particularly appropriate here, which is why, for example, PPC for divorce lawyers often makes a lot of sense.

These are just a few of the core areas we will look at as part of our SEO services for lawyers that will send your legal SEO through the roof. But the real point is that every law firm is different, and has its own specific SEO needs.

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