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We’re a freelance search engine optimisation company in Essex that supports small to medium sized businesses. Our aim is to bring our clients fantastic search engine optimisation solutions in Essex at seriously competitive rates.

Freelance SEO Essex understands that, as a business owner, you’re constantly hunting for effective SEO services that won’t break the bank. We’ve identified the needs of business owners and have developed a range of online marketing services that tick all the boxes – not only are our fees some of the lowest in the region, we also offer complete flexibility in the form of rolling monthly agreements, so you’ll never have to worry about committing to a long-term SEO contract again!

Check out our range of search engine optimisation services to learn more about what we have to offer. We specialise in SEO, Pay Per Click management, web copywriting, and web design in Essex. Alternatively, feel free to leave your details with us via our Quick Quote form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with advice and ideas that will help you transform your site’s online presence.

Servicing Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Essex and beyond

Nowadays we deliver affordable freelance SEO services to businesses up and down the country, but our roots lie in optimising sites for small businesses in the Essex area. Formed in 2012, our co-directors originally began partnering with small enterprises in Chelmsford, Brentwood, Southend, Colchester, and Maldon on a freelance basis and quickly built up a reputation in the local area for their refreshing and ultimately effective take on SEO. Our methods were met with a great response and we’ve quickly grown to become one of the most talked-about SEO companies in Essex (and for the right reasons, too!).

After working on a number of Essex SEO campaigns, we quickly learned that most business owners were of the opinion that there weren’t any reputable or trustworthy search engine optimisation consultants in the region that were willing to provide quality services at an affordable price. Companies were paying extortionate amounts of money to SEO agencies and instructing them to work on campaigns that simply weren’t going to earn them a return on their investment, often without an understanding of where their money was going or how their campaign should develop over time.

Freelance SEO Essex is different in that we believe every company deserves to receive a fair and honest level of service, regardless of their budget. These values certainly appeal to businesses that want to make their money go much further and we have formed strong, long-term relationships with our clients to date thanks to our transparency and sheer commitment to ensuring the success of our clients’ campaigns.

Looking for SEO outside of Essex? We provide SEO in London and throughout the UK too!

Why do we target Essex?

Essex is a large area that is home to tens of thousands of companies from almost every industry imaginable. The county boasts some of the UK’s most influential businesses, which could be why its economy has ridden out such tough times in recent years to emerge stronger and full of more potential than ever.

Perhaps the unique entrepreneurial spirit of Essex was originally sparked by Guglielmo Marconi’s decision to start his world-changing venture, The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company, here in Chelmsford in 1897. The county town is still home to one of the UK’s most prominent soft drinks producers, Britvic, while the hospitality industry in nearby Southend on Sea is thriving to such an extent it is one of the only growing seaside resorts in England.

Older and more established companies aside, new businesses are springing up all the time here. The idea of helping a young company grow really appeals to our team at Freelance SEO Essex and we like to market our services to the local area so we find opportunities to work with new and exciting organisations from their very beginning. Striking up relationships with businesses so close to our main office also allows us to work with staff on a face-to-face basis and respond more quickly to their needs.

The sheer diversity of businesses in Essex is overwhelming. This could be due to the fact that many companies choose to lay their foundations in Essex because they can enjoy all the perks of being located so close to London, yet don’t need to pay the high prices associated with owning or renting a premises in the capital. This means that Essex is an attractive option for larger, multi-national corporations as well as small start-ups – a prospect we find particularly exciting.

Freelance SEO solutions from experienced consultants

Our team is comprised of a number of experienced freelance SEO specialists, web designers and copywriters. Hiring freelance search engine optimisation consultants has a number of advantages. Firstly, you get the opportunity to discuss your requirements with the people who carry out the work. You won’t be passed around various different departments for answers (as you would if you were working with a larger agency) and you know who is accountable for your campaign. The flexibility that comes with entering into a freelance agreement also works in your favour – if you need to spend less on the campaign for a few months because money is tight, the option is there; if you want to boost your exposure and place more resources into your SEO to get things moving much faster, all you need to do is ask.

Sustainable Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns

It’s all very well getting your website to the first page of Google, but how do you make sure you stay there and continue seeing a return from your campaign? Freelance SEO Essex always has the bigger picture in mind. Our methods are designed to ensure your exposure remains consistent and our solutions have been proven to help websites withstand ranking drops and penalties from Google’s endless list of algorithm updates. And when it comes to your budget, we’ll always be realistic about what you’re going to achieve for your spend. We’ll always ensure that the fee you’re paying for your Essex SEO campaign is going to remain affordable, even during those quiet times of year.

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