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The SEO consultants at Freelance SEO Essex have a great deal of experience in working with brand new businesses that are looking for an effective and sustainable route to market.

If you’re developing a new business concept and want to generate great exposure in search as quickly as possible, then our startup SEO packages are for you.

Why Invest in SEO for New Businesses?

When implemented correctly, SEO for startups can help new businesses meet their objectives by strengthening their presence in the online communities that matter.

We know you’ve got plenty to focus on when launching a new brand or service, but we wouldn’t recommend leaving a search campaign to the last minute. Effective SEO cannot be ‘bolted on’ to your business promotion package – the best results are acquired by taking the time to put together a search engine marketing strategy prior to the launch of your new business, so that your marketing activity is consistent across all channels and you have clear search targets in mind from the very start.

What’s Involved in Planning A Brand New SEO Campaign?

In some ways, starting a search engine optimisation campaign from scratch is preferable to picking up where another search marketer has left off. As long as your website domain is clean and free from algorithmic penalisations, we’re essentially starting with a blank canvas, which means that we can implement the most suitable white-hat SEO techniques from day one, leading to sustainable long-term rankings.

Planning SEO for startups typically involves:

  • Identifying the areas of your business that are the most profitable
  • Identifying the locations you want to target
  • Carrying out keyword research to identify the best key terms to rank for in these areas
  • Carrying out extensive research into your major competitors to gain an understanding of their approach towards SEO (and how it is helping them achieve strong search engine ranking positions)
  • Developing a search marketing strategy that includes a content marketing plan
  • Carrying out a comprehensive review of your existing website to spot any potential issues that could prevent it from ranking well
  • Making key amendments to your page content and/or metadata as required

However, we know that each startup has unique needs, so we will always tailor our approach depending on the organisation’s individual requirements.

Our SEO consultants, campaign coordinators, PPC managers, content managers, web copywriters, web designers, and graphic designers will work together to deliver comprehensive SEO services for new businesses that will help them achieve their short, medium, and long term goals.

But we don’t just want you to leave it all to us. We’re also passionate about helping you identify the strengths of your own internal team, and identifying ways that you can use their talents to complement your overall SEO strategy. This has two main benefits:

  • You’ll have greater involvement in the campaign and will gain a better understanding of the techniques and processes involved in SEO
  • You’ll maximise your own resources, which will ultimately lead to cost savings.

For example, you may want someone in your team responsible for updating your social media accounts. If this is the case, we can help by providing them with tailored advice and strategic direction that will lead to better time management and greater results for the company.

What are the Costs?

SEO for startups is more affordable than you think. With monthly fixed fee SEO packages starting from just £300+VAT per month, Freelance SEO Essex offers cost-effective search solutions for all new businesses, even those that are working to a strict budget while they’re getting their concept off the ground.

For more information on our SEO packages for new businesses, please contact our team directly on 01245 477449 or drop us a message.