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Marketing through social media channels matters. Millions of people from all corners of the globe use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to connect with their peers and share content and stories, so, naturally, users’ conversations can turn to their experiences with different businesses.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could visit your profile in an instant to find out more about you? If they stumble across your page to find it is regularly updated and it’s clear you take an interest in what your customers have to say, they will be thoroughly impressed with your approach and be much more inclined to buy from you.

Optimising Your Social Media Channels

Getting noticed in the right online communities will do wonders for your reputation and encourage people to trust and respect your company. As your social media consultants, our job is to equip your page with the kind of information that will convince consumers to spend their money with you instead of your competitors.

This isn’t as straightforward as filling in your company bio, however. We’ll need to turn your social profile into a hive of activity by posting engaging content as often as possible; we’ll need to monitor all social media activity and respond to any comments or queries on your behalf; and we’ll need to build a strong and loyal following that will respond to what you have to offer, and, best of all, enjoy getting involved in your brand!

Nearly 90% of all SMEs currently utilising social media channels believe that the biggest benefit of using these platforms is the exposure they get from all their hard work. See for yourself – contact the Freelance SEO Essex team to learn more about our extremely cost-effective social media optimisation services.

All of our social media packages are entirely bespoke. We’ll take a look at your existing social media efforts and research your industry thoroughly to discover which tactics and techniques will work best for your business. Enquire today for impartial advice and quotes tailored to your needs and your budget!


Does social media marketing actually work?

The simple answer to that, is it depends what results you’re expecting it to have, and your strategy for achieving them.

Like any form of digital marketing, social media is more relevant for some businesses than others, and you’ll find some platforms more effective than others.

The crux of it is you need to be where your audience are, and in almost every case, that’s on social media. If you’re an ecommerce site selling beauty products, then you’ll likely be lucky enough to see lots of engagements on platforms like Instagram. If you manufacturer B2B IT equipment on the other hand, you might not see as many likes or shares, but if you were to delve behind the analytics behind LinkedIn you might see that the platform accounts for a good percentage of your web traffic.


Can social media marketing increase brand awareness?

One of the best things about social media is its ability to increase brand awareness. It’s important to consider the role social media plays at different points of a customer’s journey, and quite often, the first time a consumer comes across a brand will be on social media.

If you don’t already have a large following on social media, this is where paid social advertising comes in. It works with as much or as little budget as you wish, but allows you to reach people who aren’t already connected with your page. You can target these people based on your preferred demographics, location, job titles and industries, as well as behaviours.


How has social media marketing changed?

Due to the nature of digital marketing, almost every channel is constantly evolving, but few more so than social media. As well as entirely new platforms emerging, there are new features to take advantage of, both with organic social marketing, and new ad formats and features.

But there are also evolving algorithms to contend with! An organic post from a Facebook business page for example, will reach far fewer people than it would a few years back. Don’t assume that everyone who follows your page will automatically see your content, as unfortunately that’s not necessarily the case anymore!

To make sure you’re continuing to get the most from your social media channels, it’s important to find ways to make sure your content is more likely to be seen – for example keeping it short, introducing different forms of media and links. You can also experiment with paid social posts and ads to increase your reach.


Can social media marketing increase sales?

Absolutely. Social media can have an influence at every stage of the funnel, and that includes sales. Naturally the extent to which this happens depends on your industry, but it’s about understanding whether someone directly clicked from a social post and made a sale, or first consumed several other pieces of content before converting.

Tagging up your social content correctly can help you see how effective your social media marketing is, and what changes you might want to make to your strategy.