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The digital age has had an impact on every industry, but it is fair to say that the insurance sector has felt it more strongly than most. More than 80 percent of insurance buyers use the internet to research options and prices, with the majority going on to complete the purchase online.

The message is clear – digital marketing is even more important in the insurance industry than elsewhere, and insurance SEO is essential in order to run a competitive business.

A More Open Marketplace

A generation ago, households had their favourite insurance providers and used them year in and year out, in much the same way as you might have a favourite supermarket or clothes store today. The arrival of the price comparison websites has put a large dent in that, and brand loyalty is nothing like it used to be.

However, this also presents an opportunity, particularly for independent insurance brokers. The marketplace is far more open, and consumers are ready to be persuaded that yours is the business that will provide them with the insurance that best meets their needs and budgets. The catch is that you need to get their attention first, which is where SEO for insurance companies comes in.

The Challenges of Insurance SEO

Try Googling “car insurance” “home insurance” or a similar phrase, and you know what you will get – page upon page of both sponsored and organic search results. This is the downside of the insurance sector being one of the first to “go online” – the marketplace is saturated. For insurance brokers, trying to rank well on Google, therefore, sound like an impossible challenge. But that is why you need an expert in insurance SEO by your side.

Keyword ranking is the process of making sure those keywords that a potential customer will type into Google are prominent on your site, and it’s the first thing most people think of when talking about SEO. In a highly competitive industry like insurance, we will work with you to think a little outside the box and come up with the keyword phrases that will really make a difference to your campaign.

Keywords are important, but it is only one component of the overall SEO process. Google also assesses a site on the basis of its authority, and an effective way to establish that is by having great content. When search engines see content that is fresh, relevant, and appropriately referenced, they see that site as authoritative.

The other useful thing about this side of SEO is that what is good for Google is good for your visitors. They will also be tempted to hang around your site if it contains interesting articles on insurance-related topics. This might encompass news, buying tips and other types of advice – our team of professional writers is always happy to come up with something new!

Business is Moving Online

So why should you invest in SEO? Well, insurance companies and brokers who have websites that rank at the top of search engine results will generally see an increase in site traffic. This will then in turn result in more business. You simply can’t underestimate the power of these search engines in today’s world. Industry polls all point towards one thing – most of us will use the internet to research a product or service. If your site isn’t there within those crucial top search results, then those potential clients simply won’t find you.

SEO for Insurance Brokers

We take a meticulous approach when it comes to our clients, and we realise that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to our SEO for insurance companies. We start with an in-depth consultation and then use a variety of different methods to get your SEO strategy up and running. These include competitor analysis, link building services, onsite optimisation, and monthly reports. We leave no stone unturned in helping our clients sites reach both their full potential and the widest possible audience. Get in touch with us for a bespoke assessment and an accurate quote by either calling 01245 477449 or filling out an online form, and we’ll take it from there!

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The insurance business is one of the most competitive online sectors. Getting the SEO right is far from straightforward, and it needs experience, determination, and expertise. We are pleased to offer all three, so please get in touch with us to find out more.