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Onsite SEO, otherwise known as on-page SEO, involves ensuring that your website’s pages content, coding, and structure are optimised for the keywords you want to target with your search marketing campaign.

On-page optimisation is perhaps the most important element of any SEO strategy because the onsite SEO process is designed to help Google identify exactly what you want your pages to rank for. Comprehensive onsite optimisation will also convince the search engine’s algorithm to list your website above other companies in your niche.

Aside from the search benefits of SEO, a full website audit, along with on-page optimisation, will also improve the browsing experience for your users. This, in turn, could increase your conversions.

Our Onpage SEO Services

There’s a lot involved in onsite SEO and each assessment will differ slightly depending on the size and setup of your website. However, here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from our onpage optimisation service:

  • On-Site SEO Audit

We’ll use our comprehensive checklist to put together a technical SEO ‘health check’ report that outlines any potential issues with your website. We use a number of different industry programs to complete this report but will also check many elements of your website manually.

  • Recommendation Report

We’ll look at the best ways to fix any issues and will provide you with a fully tailored list of action points. Amongst many other things, we might suggest creating and optimising sitemaps, identifying broken links, setting up a Google my Business page, and re-writing duplicate meta titles and descriptions.

  • Conversion Optimisation Tips

Could your website be improved from the user’s perspective? We’ll take a look at ways in which you could adjust your design and/or content to better capture the attention of your potential customers. This assessment will be based on standard practices, as well as our own extensive experience in ranking lead generation websites.

  • Keyword Research

Once we’ve ironed out any problems, the next step is to select targeted keywords for the pages you want to target with your campaign. We use a number of tools to compare data, but we’ll also speak to you extensively about your company’s preferences and goals to ensure that our research aligns with your broader marketing strategy.

  • On-Page Content and Metadata Optimisation

We’ll carry out a full review of the copy and the meta titles and descriptions on each of your targeted pages, then incorporate your keywords into your pages. All of our proposed changes will need to be signed off by you before launch – we will never update your website without your consent.

  • Navigation and Internal Linking

For the best browsing experience, you need to make sure your pages are adequately interlinked. Adding internal links is a great way to point the reader in the direction of more relevant content – and it’ll also help Google find (and index) more of your web pages. We can map out the best interlinking strategy based on the structure of your website and the keywords that you want to target with your ongoing SEO campaign. We can also put together redirect plans if you’re planning a site update or migrating to a new domain.

  • Image Optimisation

Search engine algorithms can’t ‘read’ images – but they can read the coding that sits behind them. We can make sure that all images on your website contain relevant, keyword-rich tags. We’ll also look to optimise your images in other ways through compressing, scaling, and captioning them so they are fully accessible to humans and search bots alike.

  • Company blog writing

Fresh content is one of the biggest driving forces behind the success of any website, but if you’re struggling to update your company blog on a regular basis, why not let our talented team of SEO copwriters take to the reins? We have years of experience in writing informative, engaging, and unique content for corporate organisations that operate in all kinds of industries. We can even schedule and upload the blogs on your behalf.

  • Benchmark ranking report

Finally, we’ll put together an initial ranking report document that outlines all of your organic ranking positions prior to the launch of the SEO campaign. This will provide you with a clear snapshot of how Google is indexing your site, and updating this report on a regular basis will help you measure your progress.

Freelance SEO Essex offers a fully bespoke on-page optimisation service that can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of all businesses.

The best way to learn more about our onsite SEO services is to call our consultants on 01245 477449.