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When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, people have questions. It’s not like ordering your weekly shop, or picking out a new pair of trainers; it’s a considered purchase – your potential customers need to know more about you, about the process, and what to expect. Your website and approach to marketing should reflect this.

Our experience with running SEO campaigns for cosmetic dentists

We’ve worked closely with cosmetic dentists over the years, running successful SEO campaigns, as well as putting together paid search strategies, social media management, and improving user experience.

We understand your industry, your customers, and the way they behave online, and this gives us the edge in making sure your website is in front of the right people when they’re searching for your services. We can help you increase your enquiries.

Find out how we helped Essex Smile Centre become one of the most successful cosmetic dentists in the county

By enhancing user experience, creating question and answer based content, and improving conversion points across the website, we were able to help Essex Smile Centre receive four times their usual number of monthly calls.

Restructuring and optimising their Google Ads account was also key in doubling their website traffic during the same period.

Find out how we did it.

What does SEO for cosmetic dentists involve?

Making sure your website is in the best technical health possible is a good starting point. We’ll take a look at everything from your site speed and structure, to your code and technical fixes to make sure nothing is holding back your site’s performance in the search engines.

Creating content that taps into your audience’s queries is also a great way to make sure your visitors find the information they need, whilst signalling to Google that you’re an authority on the subject. It can also help to acquire links from other relevant and authoritative sites, helping to improve your organic search positions.

Due to the nature of cosmetic dentistry, many people search for a local provider, so we’ll make sure you’re optimised for local search too, paying attention to your map listing and Google My Business account.

Introducing call tracking provides valuable data

It’s likely that a number of your enquiries will come from phone calls. Call tracking allows us to see where these calls have come from – both in terms of location and user demographic – but also from which marketing channel and activity.

This data is invaluable, and especially important if you’re using multiple channels. The findings from this data should inform decisions on your campaign going forward, telling us where to distribute our time and budget.