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Looking for SEO for your Ecommerce Website?

If you’re an Ecommerce business currently retailing your products online, SEO is sure to affect your company’s future growth. Without getting your site noticed in the search engines, you’ll be at risk of losing out on business and letting your consumers fall straight into the hands of your industry competitors. It’s no longer enough to rely on sales from word-of-mouth and customer referrals. You need to be proactively advertising your business to web users who are going to respond to what you have to offer.

Revamp your business-to-client relationships and establish your retail company as a leading power in your particular sector. Get in touch if you sell any kind of goods online, including:

  • Fashion/clothing
  • Beauty products
  • Food & drink
  • Books, CDs & DVDs
  • Gifts and handmade stock
  • Computers, games, and electronic goods
  • Office supplies
  • Medical supplies and Wholesale supplies
  • Sporting goods
  • Travel supplies
  • Furniture and homeware
  • Plants, flowers, and garden supplies
  • Children’s toys

Shop owners just beginning to advertise on the web are also advised to get involved in SEO as soon as possible after the launch of their website. After all, customers aren’t going to come to you – you need to make sure you’re easy to find! You could limit your reach to your local high street or opt to broaden your exposure and deliver your stock to a much larger audience.

The online retail sector is growing exponentially, and whether you are a home-based small business or a multinational retailer, Ecommerce SEO is vital to get your business ranking higher on the search pages. Online shopping sites that feature near the top of the search engine rankings will experience an increase in traffic and that translates directly to more sales and a better bottom line.

SEO for ecommerce websites takes knowledge and teamwork, but with our expertise in ecommerce SEO services and your knowledge of your products and customers, we can enhance your retail SEO and get your site where it belongs – up there at the top of the search results.

Ecommerce Keyword Research

When it comes to shopping site SEO, keyword research is even more important than in other sectors. Look at it this way: When a potential customer searches on Google for the products you sell, many of them are primed and ready to buy. That’s a great situation for you, but only if you rank for the keywords that they are typing into the search box.

We will work with you to explore those long tail keywords and build them into every aspect of your SEO strategy, from optimising your webpage content and blogs to boosting your retail SEO with a targeted pay-per-click campaign.

Web Design and Optimisation for Ecommerce

Getting your site ranking well in the search pages is a crucial aspect of SEO for ecommerce sites but it is just the beginning. After all, it is not ranking on Google that increases your revenue, it is having customers click through to your website and convert into paying customers.

For this reason, web design for online shops must be core to your overall SEO and digital marketing effort. From conventional websites built on WordPress to specialist WooCommerce websites, we have web design experts who can critically assess your site. We will help you develop ideas to improve user experience, and to ensure that the site is Google optimised.

A professional, attractive and engaging site will reduce instances of “pogo-sticking” – that’s when a visitor clicks on a site, hits the back button, and then clicks on a different site on the results page. And when visitors click and hang around, that in turn boosts your SEO even further, leading to a virtuous circle of higher search rankings and improved traffic.

Stay in Front in the Ecommerce Revolution

The high streets might be feeling the pinch, but there has never been a better time to be in online retail. The only downside is that thousands more businesses are getting in on the act every month, meaning that effective SEO for ecommerce websites has never been more vital to get ahead of the pack.

The right ecommerce SEO agency will give your business the edge in a global marketplace that gets more competitive by the day. To discuss SEO for retailers in more detail, and to find out how we can get your shopping website where it belongs on the search pages, call us on 01245 477449.