Looking For The Right SEO Consultant?

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With Google updating its algorithm thousands of times a year, SEO is a fast-moving industry, which requires you to stay on top of the latest trends, techniques and updates.

On top of this, it’s also a very opinionated sector of marketing, with conflicting opinions, as well as an excess of jargon that can be difficult to understand. Because of the level of experience and knowledge it demands, many companies and individuals choose to outsource their SEO to an agency or SEO consultant.

Our SEO consultants in Essex will be happy to get to know your company, understand your market, and create a bespoke SEO strategy for you.

The Advantages of Using Our Freelance SEO Consultants

  • We don’t tie our clients into contracts
  • Our prices are the most competitive in the region
  • You get more input over the work we do
  • We offer complete transparency
  • We’re not commission-driven, so will never mislead you
  • You will deal with the same person throughout your entire campaign

Why Are We The SEO Consultancy For You?

One of the big things that set us apart from other SEO consultancies is that we provide a refreshing and transparent service without all the smoke and mirrors that are traditionally associated with SEO. We keep all our clients as involved with their SEO as they want to be. We encourage our clients to contribute to their campaign if they wish by helping us put together professional-standard guest blogs and press releases or offering up any other in-house resources they may have.

Our search consultants gladly help all our clients with non-SEO related services, too. We’ll provide free AdWords account reviews, social media advice, and Google Product setup where necessary. We will even create a Google Plus page, Maps, and Places listings for free if our clients do not have them at the outset.

We are one of the few SEO consultancies to operate on a rolling monthly contract. We offer this flexible service to stop our clients from feeling trapped and to give them the freedom to walk away at any time with no ties. This, therefore, means that we need to deliver the results and level of service that we promise in order to retain you as a client! Our SEO consultants in Essex find that offering this type of agreement helps us to build long-standing relationships with our clients and develop a high level of trust between both parties.

We understand the importance of a consistent service, which is why you’ll always work with the same person throughout your campaign and will not suddenly find yourself being passed between account managers. Combine this with our excellent pricing structures and our commitment to high quality contextual link building methods and you’ll soon find that our consultants’ approach is really refreshing in an industry that is unfortunately rife with cowboys!

When Should You Employ An SEO Consultant?

Most business owners or marketing executives know that they are going to have to use an SEO consultant at some point to give their business every chance of being an online success. A very large percent of these executives are convinced that they need to get their website built first and then contact an SEO consultant once the platform has been set live. In fact, your SEO should start work before your website is even completed.

The truth is, your strategy and campaign structure should be in place before the first draft of your website is even considered. SEO isn’t just about link building and changing content and metadata. Your consultant will help identify your target audience, analyse your competitors’ websites and discuss and advise you on the importance of conversion optimisation. Depending on the industry you are in, or what your target audience may be expecting, certain design features or calls to action need to be in place when they visit your website in order to create confidence in what you have to offer and encourage them to make a purchase or submit an enquiry. If your website is lacking certain factors, your SEO consultant can bring all the traffic in the world to your website but he or she cannot make them buy from you!

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a nice new website, only for an external specialist to come along and highlight something that’s wrong or missing – especially if it’s too late to change it for the better! That’s why we would recommend contacting our SEO consultants in Essex for guidance before your product is even off the ground.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is simply the practice of helping your website to become more visible through the search engines. It uses a combination of onsite techniques (such as optimising the coding and structure of your website, or the content within it), and offsite techniques (such as content distribution and link building), to help you rank higher on Google for your chosen keywords – terms that will bring you more business.

How can SEO increase web traffic?

SEO is all about helping you rank more highly for your chosen keywords. More than 9 out of 10 searchers select a listing from page 1 of Google’s search results, so by moving up the rankings, you can see a significant uplift in traffic to your website.

How can SEO improve sales?

SEO can be a really cost-effective way to improve your sales. Increasing your search positions, through a variety of onsite and offsite activity, can substantially increase your web traffic. With the right keyword research, you can optimise this even further. We use a variety of tools to select the right terms – terms that are highly relevant to your business, have strong search volumes, and indicate an intent to buy, making this traffic more likely to convert and bring you more revenue.

How can SEO help grow my business?

There are a number of ways that SEO can help your business. The most obvious way is through the increased traffic to your site that your improved search positions bring. Selecting the right keywords can ensure that this traffic has a high conversion rate. Aside from this, some of the techniques our team of Essex SEO consultants use in our strategies are activity that can help to grow your business in itself. Refreshing the content on your site and paying attention to your site’s structure and technical fixes can all improve user experience, whilst content distribution and digital PR involved in link building are great for brand exposure.