4 Blogging Tools That Will Boost Your Business

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Promote your contentBlogging is still one of the best ways to generate interest in your business. A good blog can turn an otherwise uninspiring corporate website into a customer focused information source that will be shared across social media and the web. Blogging is also the best way to build internal links to your product pages.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, you can create engaging content that your customers will love to read. For example, we have worked with reinforced concrete suppliers, curtain cleaners and accountants, and the fact that none of these companies are famed for their dynamic and exciting products has not stopped us creating some great content.

Good content does not always get seen and shared immediately though, but with these blogging tools, you can promote your articles with little effort. So, let’s get on with the best tools to make blogging more effective.


Reddit has been around a while, but of all the social media platforms, it is possibly the most underutilised by business. Reddit calls itself the “front page of the Internet” and it relies on its users not only sharing great content, but becoming experts within a particular niche.

On Reddit, anybody can submit a link to another site, and as it is designed for news, newsworthy blog posts are a perfect fit. However, just sharing a link does not guarantee that it will be seen, so the best way to increase exposure is to manage a relevant sub-reddit and build up a readership.


StumbleUpon, like Reddit, has been around for years. It is not as popular as it once was, but it is still possible to drive interested readers to your website. It is essentially a random bookmark site, where the StumbleUpon algorithm sends you to websites that are similar to those you already like.

Quuu Content Sharing

Quuu is the newest content sharing platform – so new that many SEOs are aware of it at present, which means it is still a really good community! It allows you to select special interests which are used to share relevant content. You can integrate blogging platforms such as Buffer and HubSpot, and essential allows you to put your social media marketing on autopilot, by supercharging your social feeds.

Facebook and Twitter

Of course, we cannot talk about blog promotion tools without mentioning Facebook and Twitter. While Twitter is losing its influence, it is still an important platform on which to share content. Facebook is possibly the best platform if you need to reach a specific marketing demographic, as you can use Facebook advertising to reach people by gender, age, location and interests.


Before we had social media, we had web forums (and newsgroups before those). Forums are a little old school, but they can be extremely effective. Many forums have huge readerships and reach millions of people every day. Forums tend to be fussier when it comes to allowing you to link to your own site, but many are happy for you to do this, so long as the mention is relevant to the discussion. Forum links can be very powerful in terms of SEO.

The key to successful blogging is to write a regular blog and share across social media. Develop yourself as an authority on each of your chosen platforms and discuss topics relevant to your business. Engage others in conversation and then include references to your own business. It takes time, but with careful planning and the right resources, you can catapult your blogging efforts and reach new levels.

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