A Quick Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship Week

Like most SMEs throughout the country, here at FSE we have our own team of business-minded entrepreneurs, so we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the arrival of this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and how it can help you start on your very own business venture.

Business on a Global Scale

gew logoToday saw the 2014 launch of one of the world’s largest campaigns to encourage budding entrepreneurs across the UK and the rest of the world to start up their own business. Established in 2008 as Enterprise Week, GEW has since grown to an enormous scale, taking place in 140 countries at the same time and reaching over 300,000 entrepreneurial people in the UK alone. GEW in runs from 17th November to 23rd November, hosting activities of all sizes throughout the country with the intent of connecting people to inspire potential business opportunities.

Youth Business International hosts GEW in the UK and is a global network that helps young people who show potential in business to start their journey on the road to entrepreneurship. The YBI is involved and responsible for hosting GEW in another 10 countries, which allows for a bigger networking community.

Inspiration and Encouragement

This global campaign is the perfect chance for anybody looking to start up their own company to get a good insight into the world of business, gain valuable advice from successful entrepreneurs and make the right connections. The aim is to give people the encouragement to move forward with their ideas, and make their dream a reality by educating and pushing people to be creative and, of course, giving them the courage to take risks.

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Get Involved

This year’s GEW is all about encouraging people to really get involved in the scheme. If you feel that your business journey is a successful one and you would like to host your own event to share the wealth of knowledge you have gained throughout your career, you can register to get involved.

At the other end of the scale, you could be a budding business owner who’s looking for that final push of reassurance, a piece of advice that will convince you to take your first step towards starting-up and running your own firm. If that sounds like you, make the most of all the events that are happening across the country this week. You have until Sunday 23rd November, so what are you waiting for? In years to come, the shoe could be on the other foot and you could be the one signing-up to give advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs!


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