How A Web CMS Can Boost Your Enquiries

A decent Web Content Management System (CMS) has many features and functions. However, when your main objective is to gain new business, here’s the top 5 features a Web CMS needs to have to help you boost your enquiries… without necessarily involving technical help from website developers.

Call to Actions or CTAs

Having call to actions on your website is essential. All websites should entice the visitor to register for a newsletter, download a white paper by sharing their contact details, watching a video or inviting them to call. CTAs help to direct your users to the area you want them to visit, engage with them to get in touch and help nurture the relationship until they are ready to buy.

A good web CMS will make it easy for you to create CTAs and track their success.


Including a form on your website is advisable as it allows customers to quickly get in touch without having to navigate away from your website. The ability to enter different forms on to your website, such as a contact us form or a newsletter sign up form, is a useful feature. Ideally the marketing team should be able to create and insert a form on your website without having to get technical help from website developers.

A/B testing

A/B testing is an important feature for your web CMS as it allows the marketing team to experiment with different colours, sizes and positions of CTAs to monitor customer preferences and manage the amount of leads.

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A great CMS will allow you to set up the testing and track the results. A/B testing makes sure the website appeals to all customers.

Simple SEO set up

A vital feature to have in your CMS is easy SEO set up. Ideally your CMS will let you set up and edit the title of your page, the keywords and the description without any need to involve a web developer. Then with some strategic SEO optimisation work you should see a significant increase in your enquiries from the search engines.


The ability to personalise your content to different user segments will help you give your customers more of a tailored experience and therefore get more conversions. The hard work with personalisation is developing your personas and segmenting your users. The right CMS should make displaying the right content to the right people an easy task.

This blog was provided by Karen Harding, the Marketing Manager at Objective. Objective is a Telerik Sitefinity partner; click here for more information about Sitefinity Web CMS.

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