How Can An App Help With Your SEO?

Did you know Google indexes both app landing pages and content pages within apps? The content pages are known as deep screens and the links are known as deep links. This is known as App Indexing, and it means having a cross platform mobile app is going to help your SEO.

App indexing isn’t that new, it was first launched back in October 2013 for a limited set of publishers. However, it wasn’t until April 2015 that users without a particular app would get recommendation to download. And October 2015 saw Safari get supported for app indexing.

What does App Indexing mean for your business?

It means that not just your app’s download page is being indexed, but all the other content in the app. However when developing your app you will have to actively work to get your app indexed.

For example, an estate agent has a property listing app to advertise their properties for sale. Not only will an app ensure they are on their client’s phone screen and allow them to notify clients of potential property matches, but also if a potential customer searches for property on Google their app can be included in the results.

Priority is given to the page if the potential customer already has the app installed. If they already have the app they will be directed to the page on the app, or to a quick download then the page if they haven’t.

Apps are extremely popular with consumer and business users alike and a functional app with quality content will help keep your company at the front of your customer’s mind. So, when building an app don’t forget to index the pages within your app to increase your chances of being found.

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This article was written by Karen Harding, the Marketing Manager at Objective IT. Objective creates web portals, cross-platform websites and mobile apps for businesses in and around Essex.

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