How To Learn SEO – The Best SEO Blogs To Follow

Whether you are a budding freelance digital marketer or a small business wanting to get ahead online, it is important to learn the ins and out of SEO. The best way to do this, and to keep on top of the constant changes, is to follow some of the best SEO blogs. So, today we’ll run through some of our favourite blogs – add these to your feed, subscribe to their newsletters and follow their social profiles to ensure that you get the latest news.

Google’s Official Blog

The Google Blog is often overlooked by people learning SEO, as commercial blogs are usually far better at promoting their own content. But, for the latest information, especially changes that affect technical SEO, follow Google. However, Google only provides general overviews on changes to policy and search engine algorithms – for the really juicy tips, you need to follow some of the independent blogs.

SEO by the Sea

Seo By The Sea is Bill Slawski’s blog. Bill has been involved in the SEO community for 20 years and takes a more detailed look at technical SEO factors, and sometimes dips into more complex topics such as AI, machine learning, and search database analysis, to better understand how Google operates. Bill also examines Google’s patents to get a head start on possible future changes.

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch started out as a blog that covered the latest search engine updates. Today, it’s an SEO community blog that attracts guest bloggers from all over the world. It is full of useful actionable articles that give insights in how to make use of the latest updates, as well as more general search marketing news.

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Search Engine People

Search Engine People is a Canadian SEO company that has a popular SEO blog. Like Search Engine Watch, it invites guest bloggers from all over the world to share their experiences and tips in actionable articles that always aim to provide some useful takeaways. So, if you want “how to” articles, this is the place to follow.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is another collaborative SEO blog featuring many SEO professionals. It was founded by Loren Baker in 2003 and its articles cover link building, content creation and ecommerce, as well as advice for running social media campaigns.


Moz belongs to one of SEOs more charismatic personalities, Rand Fishkin. Rand is probably most famous for his White Board Friday video series, in which he discusses specific SEO problems and takes viewers through solutions. If you learn fastest from presentations, this is a great place to start.


SEMRush are most well-known for providing some useful SEO tools, but they also publish a blog with some of the latest SEO news. Their main tool monitors organic search patterns, and they match changes in search with Google updates, so their blog is really a way for them to broadcast their latest findings, some of which can be used to enhance SEO campaigns.

Our SEO consultants keep a close eye on all these blogs, plus a few more obscure ones. SEO is a constantly changing discipline and it can be a challenge to keep abreast of all the latest changes, but by following a few blogs, plus our own Freelance SEO blog, you can keep up to date.

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