Why Doesn’t Your Website Rank In The Search Engines?


The Problem

So you’ve paid for your nice new website and are waiting for the enquiries, orders or calls to start flooding in, but its just not happening. Is it driving you crazy?

Have you searched the keywords that you believe your potential clients or customers are using and not found your site listed anywhere? Can’t understand why? Well read on for an explanation of why your website may not be performing as it should.

Many people who have a new website built are guilty of assuming that once their new website is live, its just a matter of time before the orders or calls start coming in. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that!

So What’s Wrong?

The fact is, while it may be very clear to you and anyone else visiting your website what it is you do, Google and the other search engines do not interpret sites as we do. Search engines are programs and as programs they read the parts of your site that we do not see, such as the information contained in your page source. Google and other search engines look for certain code and data to confirm what keywords they should rank your site for. They are looking for your meta data, page titles, header tags and content to all be structured in a particular way.

The Solution

The fact is that your new (or existing) site is need of some onsite optimisation.Onsite optimisation is one of the most important factors in starting your website on its journey to the top of page 1. Optimising your website correctly and ethically will bring the search engine programs into your site and encourage them to rank it for your the keywords contained and referenced in your tags, titles, descriptions and content. While onsite optimisation can be researched by individuals, it is also advisable to have this work carried out by a professional, because if the work is not structured correctly you will be stuck with the same old problem (or your site will still rank but badly under perform).

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Unfortunately your website will not suddenly jump to page 1. While onsite optimisation will see your website ranked for your keywords, depending on how competitive your keywords are your site could rank anywhere from page 3 to page 103 and the fact is you will still not generate the traffic or sales you require if you remain static on these pages. The only way you are going to get your site to the top of page 1 is by arranging to have good quality SEO carried out on a monthly basis once your onsite optimisation has been completed. The good news is that onsite optimisation and SEO normally go hand in hand when provided by a reputable and knowledgeable company!

I hope the above information went someway to explaining why your site may not be ranking but feel free to get in touch if you would like some professional help and advice. If you would like a better explanation of what SEO actually is……you’re going to have to wait for my next post!!!



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