Why You’re Losing Money by Not Working with An SEO Company

Some company’s invest a considerable amount of money into creating a colourful, modern, well-functioning website for their business without giving proper thought and consideration into the value of SEO. When managed properly by a professional, knowledgeable SEO company, SEO can be utilised to form a key part of the digital strategy by creating a link between the customer and the search engine and helping the target audience to find them online.

What is the point of having a great website if it is not being found by the right people? It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in or whether you are ecommerce or service based, having potential customers be able to find you via a search engine is an essential part of running a successful website and in turn, a thriving business.  If you’re unable to reach your target audience via your website, then you’re losing money by not working with an SEO company.


Search Engine Optimisation – abbreviated as SEO is a range of strategic digital methods that are used to increase organic (un-paid) traffic from the search engine results page. This can include things like content, website usability and site speed, target keywords, making the site mobile-friendly, trusted backlinks and so on.

The part of SEO that makes it so much more difficult to fully explain and get people to invest in is that it is not something that works immediately and you will not see results overnight – no matter how great your SEO manager is.

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With Googles ever changing algorithm and constant improvements to deliver the best and most relevant, trusted results to their users – one big thing has become more crucial than ever over the last few years. Content! This not so little secret has changed the way SEO is performed with this crucial optimisation tactic at the forefront of every digital strategy to ensure that your website comprises of absolutely top quality, optimised content to encourage improved rankings and traffic increases.

Search Engines

Some of the world’s biggest brands keep ahead of competitors and boost their rankings in Google using professional Search Engine Optimisation methods. However SEO isn’t something reserved only for the big name players and needn’t be intimidating for small and medium sized business owners.

With Google, their goal is to provide users with the best, most relevant results to satisfy their search requirements and every website they crawl stands an equal chance of obtaining good rankings. To give your website the best possible chance of success then it will need to be optimised for key search ranking factors which can all be managed by professional SEO services.

What About Social Media?

The world of SEO can be intimidating to business owners who are sometimes misinformed or unaware of exactly what it is SEO does and how it can be used to help form a successful digital strategy.

With the rise of social media, also comes a generation of business owners who are pulling away from their websites and SEO in favour of focusing on the likes of Facebook and Instagram which they find less daunting and easier to use / understand. However just because a brand or company has an impressive social media following does not automatically mean that they are converting those followers to sales.

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Social media is a powerful online tool that can be great for many businesses; however it is something that should be used alongside and in conjunction with a fully optimised website to help drive visitors and eventually, online purchases of goods or services.

Are You Losing Money By Not Working With An SEO Company?

There isn’t a business out there that can’t be helped or improved in some way by professional SEO Essex services and for small to medium sized businesses they can be an absolute game changer that if invested in wisely can lead to improved leads, sales and online presence.

Your website is like a road and SEO services are the map that can guide your website where to go to reach its destination.

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