Your 60 Second Guide to Setting Up An Optimised Google Places Listing

As you can probably imagine, these days most users are reliant on mobile technology devices to help them search for products and services in their local area, and they will go straight to Google Maps (otherwise known as Google Places) to find what they are looking for.

Because of this it is important for local companies to ensure they are using every form of potential platform for exposure, in this case Google Places, to gain vital sales and an increase in traffic.

fseonlinemapsGoogle Places allows clients (or potential future clients) to find your location on an accurate satellite-view road map. The software also gives directions and informs you of how long it takes to reach a certain location in current traffic. It’s a vital tool for businesses that rely on local trade, particularly shops, restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues.

Top Things to Consider

Firstly, to get the most out of your Google Places profile it is important that you make sure the listing is accurate and completed to the highest standard possible. To make sure your business has a strong presence on the web it is important that every bit of text available online about your business is correct, because to improve its search results, Google will access and index all of the information it has to hand.

To make your business stand out from other similar companies in the local area, images and videos are a good way of adding a personal touch to your profile.

Including the most possible information on your profile listing, such as a correct location on the map, your official website address, types of payments, up to date contact details and opening times, ensures that all of the user’s questions are answered. When it comes down to it, potential customers are more likely to contact a company with a full profile than a firm that might not have such accurate information available.

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fsemap1To make sure your listing is shown in the ‘right’ searches, make sure that the best fit category from the list of suggestions is used to describe your business. If you can’t find a category that’s right for you, Google allows you to select your own.

Lastly, potential customers would be more likely to choose your business over others if you have positive reviews from current customers. Encourage your clients to write down what they thought about your product or service and this will be displayed on your listing profile as an endorsement for your company.

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