5 Digital Marketing Trends to Embrace in 2021

As we pass the first quarter of 2021 and leave the craziness of 2020 behind us, we look to the new host of marketing trends to consider in 2021. So, what trends should you be embracing?

Increase in Influencer Confidence and Live Streams

Live-streams have been extremely popular over the last year and they are going to remain popular as we head through 2021. During lockdown, Instagram live streams and Facebook live streams increased considerably. Influencers are also playing their part and many big brands are now recognising their potential which includes the likes of Amazon. Influencers have huge numbers of followers and that will enable brands to engage with a wider audience.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with User-Generated Content

Consumers are now more in tune with brand experiences and the more memorable they are, the more likely they are to drive engagement. Therefore, user-generated content is going to offer much more as this will help to build communities, deliver a relatable experience and ensure that brands can be seen in the spaces that the customers frequent online. User-generated content provides a unique opportunity to forge strong relationships and that is crucial.

Inclusivity is Vital

Inclusivity is now more important than ever before because a cultural move towards inclusivity is now influencing the behaviour of shoppers. If brands are seen to be more inclusive, then it will make them more relatable while those that are not inclusive will lose customers. Through inclusivity, it can help to create a stronger connection that goes deeper and that can help to increase brand exposure.

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Campaigns are constantly tweaked by a marketer whereby keywords and bids are changed to ensure they work harder. However, tweaking costs and the more time it takes, the higher the fees but this is where automated bidding can help. This enables Google to automate prior moves to adjust your bid in real-time.

While automated bidding isn’t new it has improved over the last year and that means that 2021 is going to see it being utilised more than before. This will ensure marketers can spend more time focusing on other areas, delivering better results overall.

Increase in Interactive Content

Increasing interactive content across your website or social media channels will encourage visitors to engage and learn more about brands. These interactive elements can take many forms but introducing them will ensure that you are adding value to the experience. Furthermore, if you can collect data from the interaction, you will be able to fine-tune the experience and target your audience better. This can include the likes of games, polls, videos, contests and assessments, all of which will help brands to increase their reach and visibility.

The last year has taught us many things about adapting and the world of marketing is always adapting to changes but with these trends, it seems as though 2021 is going to be an exciting year.

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