Google’s New Adwords Policy

An Introduction to Google’s New AdWords Policy

Recent reports have shown that updates to Google’s new Adwords policy will become effective in the upcoming weeks.

What are the effects of the new policy?

By introducing the new policy, Google aims to ensure a clear understanding of the rules of advertising – this wigoogle ad wordsll mean more information will be given on what can and cannot be seen online. There has been great confusion over the years surrounding this subject, so in general this new policy has been hugely welcomed into the industry by businesses as well as individuals.

The current policy

The new policy is being introduced due to clear breaches of current advertising rules. The policy in place at the minute clearly states which products cannot be advertised online, but underhand companies are still breaking these rules. Their actions to date have led to controversy over whether the new policy will be effective this time round, but Google has stated that the new rules will be more ‘user friendly’ to ensure there’s no confusion and encourage the right kind of advertising activity.
As a result of this, the new policy will have added explanations and a greater amount of product ad restrictions.

Will this affect advertisers?

It is unclear whether advertisers will find that ads that are currently breaching the rules will become unavailable as soon as the new policy takes effect in the next few weeks and Google have not commented on this subject.

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What should advertisers do?

Because of this, it is recommended that advertisers familiarise themselves with the new policy rules and make the necessary changes to ensure they are prepared for launch and prevent as much disruption to their business as possible.

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