How Will I Get Your Website To The Top?


Assuming you read my previous post regarding onsite optimisation you would have been waiting (for longer than planned) to hear how you get your site to the top of the search engines and keep it there.

Quite simply its through good, regular off site optimisation.

What is Off Site Optimisation?

Quite simply off site optimisation is link building. Link building has become a vital part of the criteria search engines use to determine which sites should be ranked in what order for specific keywords. However, these links have to appear natural, relevant and carry authority as the days of buying poor quality link packages from the other side of the world for a few dollars are well and truly gone. The search engines are now wise to this black hat technique and any sites seen to be building these types of links will be penalised and never rank again.

How Do You Link Build Correctly?

There are thousands, even millions of site owners out there who are all looking for links to benefit their own SEO. Essentially a link to your website is the equivalent of someone voting for your site. The quality of the site that gives this link or “vote” will determine the strength of the link. However, the search engines like to see a spread of links as too many of a certain link will see your site never hit the top positions. In fact all the sites at the top of the search engines have a mix of links which along with their on-site optimisation is the reason they are ranked so well.

So What Are The Types Of Links Available?

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As mentioned there are many different types of links that are available. Typically these are:

  • Directory Submissions
  • Forum Signatures
  • Link Exchanges
  • Article Submissions
  • Blog Comments
  • Themed Links
  • Social Bookmarks

The strength of these links will all vary but it is vital to understand that your site will need the weaker links just as much as it will need the strong ones if it is to rank well.

Sourcing and securing these links is very time consuming and can be costly. In fact, carrying out SEO and running a remotely successful business is simply not possible as there aren’t enough hours in the day. This is where the knowledge and experience of your SEO Specialist is needed, as they should be able to source and secure these links far quicker than you ever could.

So I have now broken down the two main parts of Search Engine Optimisation over two posts and I hope you have found these useful. Please do contact me if you would like to discuss the issue of link building or anything linked to SEO in more detail. See you soon!

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