The Benefits That PPC Can Offer To Your Business

Use Paid Campaigns For Immediate, Targeted Results

Does your business need site visitors fast? Paid ad campaigns are the ideal solution for providing you with your ideal target audience, as soon as you’re ready!

Paid advertising suffers somewhat from a misconception that site visitors won’t click on a sponsored ad. SearchEngineLand reveals that 77% of web users are able to tell the difference between a paid ad and an organic search result. Yet, even with this widespread awareness that they’re experiencing advertising, 63% are still more than happy to click on such an ad. Furthermore, Google Ads receives 65% of clicks from key phrases that begin with ‘buying’ words, in comparison to just 35% of those that opt instead for the organic listings.

Clearly, PPC is a marketing channel that has a lot of potential for your business, both in terms of traffic and revenue. Here, we explore some of the main benefits.

Immediate Leads

Whether you’re a start-up vying for an immediate digital presence, or a more established business wanting a quick way to advertise a new promotion or product line, there’s nothing quite like PPC services for providing fast, fresh traffic to your new landing pages. Once you’ve set up your ad campaign with Google AdWords, it can be up and running immediately, meaning that your ad will be displayed in front of your required target audience within minutes. As an alternative, although SEO has many benefits, it’s more of a long-term strategy and simply cannot rival PPC in terms of offering instant leads.

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Defining Your Audience

Another way in which PPC differs to SEO, is that you can tailor your paid campaigns so that they’re targeting your specific type of customer. By refining your settings, you can ensure that your ads are being displayed in front of the right audience at the right time. So, if you know that you want to appeal to a particular age and gender of person in a specific region and only during a particular season or day of the week, then you can adjust your ads to display to these people and at these times accordingly.

Measurable Outcomes

The complex level of detail that is provided about your paid ads is a blessing for marketing teams who need to keep a keen eye on the ROI of this strategy. Beginning with clear information on the bid rate for certain search terms, you can choose to set a daily budget to provide you with complete control over your marketing spend. By comparing this with your conversion rates in terms of sales, you’ll be able to assess the viability of each paid ad campaign that you’re running. Where you need to adjust the wording of your ads, or even your landing pages to encourage a better conversion rate, you can simply pause your campaign until you’re ready to resume marketing again. And by trialling out several different ad strategies, either at the same time, or one after another, you’ll be able to determine the best approach to reach your marketing goals.

PPC offers a reliable way to direct your ideal target audience to your site’s landing pages with immediate effect, providing measurable outcomes for each campaign you run. If you’re new to paid campaigns, why not start with a small budget and try PPC out for size?

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