The 5 Main Benefits Of SEO in 2022

Why Businesses Of Any Size Should Focus On Climbing The SERPs

A number of digital marketing strategies exist in 2022, but SEO can really help your business to get ahead.

With 88% of internet users browsing online before committing to purchasing products or services, search engine marketing simply cannot be ignored. There are a number of ways to promote your business online, whether that be through social media ads, influencer marketing, or PPC, but search engine optimisation (SEO) is arguably the most effective way to get your website noticed by an audience who are looking for your specific product, service or information. Here are the main benefits of investing in SEO in 2022.

Low-Cost Solution

Unlike other types of marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation is a low-cost and long-term solution to get your brand established and ranking well within the results pages of major search engines such as Google or Bing. Although SEO is undoubtedly an ongoing process, the bonus to companies is that it’s free to be included in the organic listings of these search engines, which allows smaller businesses to compete with much larger corporations in the SEO playing field. If you’re ranking well within Google, then you may not need to splurge much of your budget on other types of digital marketing.

Focus On User Experience

Internet users are faced with millions of pages and want to find the most appropriate and relevant answer to their search query. This means that engines such as Google and Bing base their search results on sites that offer fantastic UX. They know that slow-loading sites don’t impress web users, so choose not to rank them well. Making webmasters aware of such penalties, forces companies to improve their sites in terms of speed, layout, and usability. Such improvements will only help to improve the number of times users interact with your brand.

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Brand Awareness

Establishing brand awareness on the Internet is integral to the success of both start-ups and more established companies. Not only is it essential that all companies have a website these days, it’s also vital that your target audience can find you at the top of the SERPs. If users come across your competitor’s several positions higher than you in the listings, then you’ll likely lose some custom. For example, if you rank in position number 1 for a specific term, then you might expect to receive around 30% of the Clickthrough Rate (CTR) – this drops to around 10% for third position and down to 2% for positions 9 or 10 on the page. Investing in SEO will help you grab more of those leads.

Local SEO

If you have a local business, then local search engine optimisation is crucial for spreading the word about your operation. 88% of consumers who searched for local businesses on their mobiles either call or visit the premises within 24 hours, according to Nectafy. Ensuring that you carry out recommended SEO practices such as applying local on-page techniques and creating a Google Business profile will ensure that you can be found by your local target audience.

Lead Generation

Search engine optimisation is a fantastic way to gain more leads for your site – the more time you spend developing your site with current, relevant content, the more you’ll be rewarded with extra site traffic. To ensure that you’re receiving the right kind of leads for your site, study the SEO success of your competitors – work out the keywords and phrases that you wish to rank well for, and target these terms hard.

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Search engine optimisation is a complex subject, but luckily affordable SEO consultancy services are available, which will provide you with a hassle-free way to climb those organic rankings and free up your time to focus on your own business development.


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