The Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Chrome’s Versatility is Making it the Browser of Choice

Google Chrome has taken a dominant role in the market. The wide range of SEO extensions are a major attraction for those wanting to keep an eye on SEO.

Over recent years, Google Chrome has steadily crept up on and then surpassed other web browsing providers and now has a 58 percent market share. A large part of this is down to the spectacular array of extensions and customisation options that are available.

For anyone with a personal or professional interest in SEO, there is a particularly rich choice. Information on traffic, domain authority, trust, citation flow and numerous other metrics can all be right there on your toolbar. So which are the ones that those in the SEO consultancy business really can’t afford to do without?

Moz Bar

This is the go-to tool for anyone in the SEO, outreach or linkbuilding business. The Moz bar offers a free account that will provide instant access to a range of internal and external metrics, including backlinks, technical SEO and engagement. Even with the bar minimised, the Moz button will show the domain authority for every site you visit.


Social media engagement is an increasingly important consideration in SEO. Impactana is a handy tool for showing share counts on all the major social sites. So far so good, but there are plenty of extensions that do the same. Where Impactana stands out is in its “impact” and “buzz” measures. These go beyond simple shares and show how users have been interacting with social content. It’s fantastic for a little bit of competitor analysis, as well as measuring the effectiveness of your own social media campaigns.

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Similar Web

This extension provides a good overview on who is visiting a site and where they come from. It uses a diverse range of data sources to give reasonably accurate statistics. As is the case with many of these extensions, the free version is fine for most purposes, but if you want a deeper SEO analysis, it is worth paying for the premium service.

SEO Site Tools

Another extension that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a great all rounder that encompasses internal and internal data, social stats, server and domain information and lots more. A nice feature for webmasters is that it highlights your own pages in Google search, as well as in tools like Analytics.


How many of us enjoy ferreting around in the html coding to check whether a link is follow or nofollow? That’s right, exactly none of us. This simple extension puts a big red box around nofollow links. It’s a must-have.

Note AnyWhere

Here’s something a little different. It is not an SEO tool as such, but it will completely change the way you work. As the name suggests, it allows you to leave a note to yourself on any site. You can write it any time, go away for a week, and it will still be there when you come back. Whether you are working on some new keywords or you just want to remember your favourite side dish at the Italian takeaway, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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