The Most Effective Content For SEO

We all know that content is the main driving force in SEO today, but what type of content will help your business grow? A poorly planned content strategy may deliver good quality content, but if it is not the right sort for your market, it may not be as effective as you hoped. So, let’s look at the most important types of SEO content you can create.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are currently the most effective form of content for SEO. Analysis of a range of websites in Google reveals that sites with regular, relevant blog posts are outperforming those that do not have a blog.

Short Evergreen Articles

Evergreen articles are possibly the second most important tool. Unlike blog posts, which are often a personal account or have only a short lifespan, evergreen content in the form of informative and actionable articles keep readers coming back for years. Our content strategies always include a combination of blog posts and evergreen articles for optimal results.

Long-form Evergreen Articles

Longer articles are very important too. Longer articles, which we define as being over 1000 words, are often ranked highly in Google. These must also be evergreen in nature and they can generate the best link-building opportunities in the long term.

Picture Galleries

Good quality images are important and help to engage a visitor. If you have a gallery on your website, you should find that images are shared by your readers. These days, they are often shared mostly on social media, but sometimes bloggers and forum members will use a picture from a gallery and reference your website.

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List Content

Lists used to be huge. About 10 years ago every SEO knew to create lists of important and interesting information as these are very linkable. Although the Internet has changed, lists do still play a part in creating quality SEO content, and a good quality list with detailed information can become an authoritative information source.

Interactive Tools and Calculators

Some of the best performing pages are those with tools and calculators on. Tools such as mortgage calculators, BMI calculators, editing tools, and SEO tools. In the highly competitive SEO world, some of the biggest agencies have developed toolsets that have become almost obligatory for SEO consultants – tools such as MajesticSEO, SEMRush, and Moz’s DA and PA search are used by almost every SEO agency, and this helps increase their business.

Quality Infographics

Infographics have almost had their day, but some are still very effective at generating positive interest in a company. More useful still are interactive visuals that provide complex information. These resources can generate a huge amount of interest from third-party bloggers and businesses alike, but they are very costly to do well. The key to a good infographic is to have good quality and useful information – all too often, people create infographics that fail to tell us anything new.

Video Content

Video content is rapidly growing in popularity, you only need to look at your Facebook stream or Twitter page to see how much video is now shared online. You can create a YouTube channel or embed videos on your own website. Like interactive content, video is more expensive to produce, and as with any form of content, it might fail to generate any significant interest, but it can get great results when it works.

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