What Makes A Good Mobile Website?

The aim of a mobile website is to please users and drive conversions. Mobile users are goal oriented – they expect to get what they are looking for straightaway and on their terms. Instantaneously.

When we say mobile websites, we mean websites designed specifically for mobile platforms and devices rather than a responsive site, which adapts to the relevant screen size.

Objective IT recognises mobile users have specific needs. This is why we design mobile websites to focus on connecting users to the content they are looking for. Here’s our top five tips on what makes a good mobile website.

Place ‘calls to action’ where they will be seen. Front and centre is good for primary calls to action – always use your most prominent space.

Menus need to be short and sweet. Mobile users won’t have the patience to keep scrolling. Summarise your menu options to make it easier for mobile users to navigate.

Always make it easy to get back to the homepage. Mobile users get very frustrated if they can’t easily access the home page. An easy way to do this is use your logo as a return to home button.

Don’t let promotions overshadow content. Promotions can be a distraction from the company’s offerings. Make sure promotional banners don’t affect the navigation and are distinct from calls to action.

Place your site search near the top. Search should be one of the first things a user sees on your site. It needs to be clearly visible. And make sure it returns the strongest and most relevant results first.

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It makes sense to follow these simple guidelines. And remember a good mobile site needs finger-friendly navigation, speed, targeted functionality and eye catching visualisations.

Objective IT can ensure your site looks just as professional on a Microsoft Surface as it does on an iPhone. We will also ensure that file sizes are kept to a minimum so that whether your staff or customers are using Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G, your website will load seamlessly. To learn more about our mobile website development services, please click here.

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